Helpline to Combat Sexual Harassment
in Labor-intensive Workplace in Cambodia

Background and Key Components

Sexual harassment is a pervasive yet often overlooked issue in Cambodian workplaces. Underreporting of such incidents is attributed to the lack of awareness about workers’ rights among both factory management and workers.

To address this pressing concern and create a safer work environment, the pilot works on empowering workers to speak out against harassment via a safe and effective gender-sensitive grievance mechanism and adressing the substantial knowledge gap in the sector of gender-based violence and harassment prevalent in labor-intensive workplaces along supply chains in Cambodia.

  • April 2023
    Baseline survey in factory and the launch of the Helpline

  • July 2023
    Report “Best Practice in Combatting Gender-based Violence and Harassment in Cambodia”

  • August 2023
    Tutoring sessions to support workers in using the Helpline and training for the management team on sexual harassment in the factory
Pivotal Partner (China/NGO):
Beneficiary Partner (Cambodia/Factory):

Ventura Leatherware Factory (closely working with Brand: Fossil Group)

Facilitation Partner:

Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Asia