Potato seed production through
Rooted Apical Cutting (RAC) technology
in Cameroon

Background and Key Components

The RAC technology is an innovative, smallholder farmer-oriented technology that cost-effectively addresses the issue of access to quality seed potato and its on-farm multiplication for seed production. It has been successfully developed in India under the Green Innovation Centre project of GIZ. Successful field trials and standardization of processes and agri-practices has led to a rapid adoption by farmers in India. BMZ and the University of Horticultural Sciences Bagalkot have joined forces to facilitate the introduction of RAC technology in Cameroon.

Key components are capacity building of scientists, local entrepreneurs and farmers, transferring of RAC-technology including provision of infrastructure and support, and capacity building exchanges between Cameron and India for stakeholders.

  • June 2022
    Start of partner collaboration of the Helpline

  • March 2023
    High-level national workshop

  • Until September 2023
    Besides regular virtual meetings, three delegation trips (two in Cameroon, one in India) were conducted since
Pivotal Partner (India/Academia):
Beneficiary Partner (Cameroon/Public Sector):
Facilitation Partner:

Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Asia