Agri Business Incubator Model for Women
in Agriculture & Food Systems in Malawi

Background and Key Components

This Triangular Cooperation Pilot extends knowledge and technical support from India to Malawi in developing agri-business incubator models for women and building a sustainable innovation ecosystem. The cooperation boosts emerging start-ups, especially those of small and marginal women producers/farmers, ensuring better quality of life and inclusion in formal economy. The incubators will then assist women to reimagine supply chains, support in value addition and help innovate food products.

Key components are the development of an Agri Business Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs, capacity building for Training of Trainers and competencies of women entrepreneurs, and policy recommendations for developing Agri Business Incubators.

  • October 2022
    Initiation of the pilot

  • November 2022
    Malawi delegation visit to Hyderabad

  • December 2022
    Inauguration of AmayiHub

  • May 2023
    SMEDI supporting women entrepreneurs in market access by participating in an exhibition at the Malawi International Trade fair
Pivotal Partner (India):
Beneficiary Partner (Malawi/Parastatal):
Facilitation Partner:

Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Asia