Support for Women Entrepreneurs
in Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam

Background and Key Components

Women entrepreneurs in Asia confront formidable challenges, including deeply rooted cultural biases and limited access to vital resources. Traditional gender roles and the prevalence of male-dominated sectors serve to amplify these obstacles.

In nations such as Cambodia, Mongolia, and Vietnam, women entrepreneurs persistently face barriers such as inadequate financing and suboptimal networking opportunities. To address these critical issues, a comprehensive capacity-building program is implemented in a triangular modality.

  • September 2023
    15 women entrepreneurs from Cambodia, Mongolia and Vietnam are invited to join a capacity building programme in Guangxi Province, China, the programme includes:

    1. Training sessions on gender transformative mindset for women in business and digital business skills
    2. Study tour to the local women-led businesses
    3. Visit to the China-ASEAN Expo
    4. Networking events
Pivotal Partner (China/Government):

The Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Planning and Management Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (BG Office)

Beneficiary Partner (Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam/Association):

Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association
Ulaanbaatar SME Centre
Sustainable Development and Digital Economy (InDE)

Facilitation Partner:

Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Asia*

* This pilot was inspired by BMZ’s commissioned project- Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA). SRECA orchestrated targeted training programs and study tours for women entrepreneurs in 2021 and 2022. In 2023, the Fund took over the workstream and elevated the initiative to a comprehensive, in-person capacity-building programme in China.