Supporting the Development of Aquaculture Industry
in Landlocked Mongolia

Background and Key Components

In response to heightened food insecurity—confirmed by 2022 WHO statistics—the diversification of Mongolia’s agriculture, notably in aquaculture, has become crucial. The Mongolian Aquaculture Association has requested support for aquaculture development via triangular collaborations.

The programme aspires to develop contents that either can be replicated in a demonstration farm or integrated into a knowledge hub for sustainable development of the Mongolian Aquaculture Industry.

  • March 2023
    Triangular kick-off dialogue

  • August 2023
    One exchange session and three mentoring sessions to customise tools for selected organisations

  • September-October 2023
    Pilot implementations by the three selected organisations

  • October 2023
    Six additional mentoring sessions and a disseminated program report
Pivotal Partner (China/Association):
Beneficiary Partner (Mongolia/Association):

Mongolian Association of Aquaculture (MAA)

Facilitation Partner:

Fund for Triangular Cooperation with Asia*

*This pilot was inspired by BMZ’s commissioned project- Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA), both MAA and CIQA have been key partners of SRECA. MAA proposed this pilot idea to the Fund via SRECA.